I just got home from an amazing bachelorette weekend in Whistler for my friend Courtney who’s getting married this New Year’s Eve and we had the most wonderful time. We were there for three nights and two full days and had an absolute blast. I’d been to Whistler several times before, but I was so impressed with our entire itinerary, which made the weekend so fun.

Courtney is one of my friends from high school and what was so great about this weekend is that, of course it was her weekend, but it also felt like a high school reunion/getaway, which made it that much better. For those who are interested in going to Whistler or are just looking for some fun ideas for a bachelorette party, read on!

Every night there had a different theme, as it was Halloween weekend, which made it so very easy to pack and I thought that was just genius. So, for our first night, everyone wore faux fur of some sort, whether in the form of a jacket, coat, vest or accessory and we went to a restaurant that I was surprised I’d never even heard of before called 21 Steps. We had a beautiful dinner and followed it up with a trip to the Bearfoot Bistro, which is where you do a vodka tasting in an ice room. As vain as this sounds, that ice room had THE coolest lighting so we got LOTS of fun pics in there.

The next morning we had breakfast delivered to the house and followed that up with lunch at Longhorn Saloon & Grill. After that we did a hilarious and fun scavenger hunt on three teams, which everyone loved. Then, it was back to the house for a couple hours of rest before our first big night out. We had some bartenders to the house, which you’ll see in the photo below, who made us drinks and played games with us for a few hours before our dinner began. It was so fun to have them there because they were both so kind and fun-loving and we all got some great pics out of the experience!

The theme of our second night out was controversial/polarizing trend night. There was a lot of crushed velvet, fun prints and overall just interesting outfits that we’d never actually wear in real life. I chose to wear over-the-knee boots with a corset over a big white tee AND colored contacts. I would NEVER wear colored contacts in real life just to change the color of my eyes, no judgment if you do, but it was so fun! Our dinner out was at a delicious Italian restaurant called Trattoria di Umberto. Afterwards we went out to Tommy Africa’s, which had very few other patrons than our group of girls, and we loved every minute of it.

Finally, for our third day, we once again had breakfast delivered to the house then we just had the day to ourselves. The bride got to open all her fun presents, then some girls walked to the village, some hot tubbed, but we all spent time together that day just hanging out and talking, which I loved. Then we had really delicious pizza delivered to the house before our final night out, which was primarily spent at Garfinkel’s. This night had the best theme of the weekend. Because it was Halloween weekend, this was really the night for costumes. So, we all dressed as Britney Spears from all her different songs! I went as “Me Against the Music” Britney and I feel like everyone did such a good job with their costumes. I was so impressed.

Overall, this was a weekend for the books. I will always remember this weekend as one of the best girls getaways I’ve ever had. Cheers to Courtney and Matt!

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