I just finished my first week at the Euro Institute and am starting my second week today. The first day was overwhelming, to say the least, but after the second day I started to feel more comfortable with the routine and my classmates. Our first two hours of the day are spent learning theory in the classroom, then we have lunch and follow it up with four hours on the floor.

A lot of the stuff we learn there is proprietary information that I won’t be able to share, but there are some fun skincare facts that I’m very excited to be learning and sharing with you all down the line.

It truly is so fun to be back in school learning something I care about. I actually take interest during class and ask questions, which is something I didn’t often do before because I just didn’t care at all about the information. Most of the time during school I would copy down whatever notes were projected, but I didn’t actually listen or pay attention. Instead, I would daydream about other things in life that did interest me, never realizing I could actually be interested in what I was being taught. This would also result in me scrambling last minute to study for tests, do homework or write papers. Now, I am chipping away a little bit every day on my homework so I’m not left to do hours upon hours of work in one day due to procrastination.

In fact, I’m already looking forward to future subject matter and to extending my education by taking courses on cosmetic chemistry and microblading, to name a few.

Now, of course, I have to realize this is just the first week, but right now I’m definitely excited for the weeks to continue and to keep building on my education. I’ll continue to provide you updates as time goes on.



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