I’ve always had dry skin, but it only has been recently that I discovered my skin is dehydrated as well. Dehydrated skin has more to do with external hydration than internal hydration though, so don’t go guzzling gallons of water in an effort to reduce your skin’s external dehydration.

In this case, your skin needs more water on the surface. But in my case, because I’m dry too, my skin needs more water and oil. As a result, I’m now using two “serums” layered beneath my daily moisturizer in order to really benefit my skin and its needs.

When it comes to layering products, you always want to go thinnest to thickest. So for me, this would mean putting a water-based serum on first, then an oil-based serum and finally a cream. I’ve actually been using a serum from my school (Euro Institute of Skin Care). A former student at the Euro Institute went into cosmetic chemistry after graduating and she now makes the entire Euro Institute line of skincare. I love the Marine Silk Serum and the Hydro Collagen Serum. Other great water-based serums you can buy include Belif Hungarian Water Essence, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum and Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum. If you are dehydrated too, be sure to incorporate water products into your skincare routine, but also be sure to top them off with a thicker product to create a barrier on your skin and trap those water products on your skin before they have time to evaporate and provide you with no benefit.

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