You know how when you were sick as a kid (or even now) and your mom would tell you to drink your orange juice (vitamin c, vitamin c, vitamin c)? Well they were right! Vitamin c is so important to include in our diet for a million reasons that I am about to get into, starting with strengthening your immune system.

Immunity. Vitamin c helps ward off illness and keeps your immune system strong. Next time you’re feeling on the cusp of being under the weather or you already are, it’s time to citrus up. This is why so many people add these little vitamin c flavored packs of powder to their glasses of water when they’re not feeling so hot. But take a look at the ingredients next time you do so. A lot of these have added sugars. Beware. Juice up an orange, grapefruit, lemon etc. for a real citrus splash.

Anti-aging. Everyone always loves this benefit. It’s recently being shown that vitamin c is actually quite effective at preventing damage to the skin including hyperpigmentation. The more and more we learn about aging and how to age beautifully and healthily, we’re seeing more and more of a focus on all the vitamins that naturally occur in real, whole, good-for-you foods, such as fruit and veggies. Anything that is ideal for my skin is something I want to consume. It makes sense now that my morning serum is full of vitamin c.

Cardiovascular health. Due to its ability to combat oxidative damage, vitamin c is incredibly beneficial to your heart health, including blood pressure. In conjunction with heart health is its ability to aid in inflammation reduction.

Ok, so how much should you be taking if you’re ingesting a supplement? It seems that approximately 500 milligrams will be sufficient, but I recommend checking with your doctor on these things, as I am cerrrrrtainly not qualified to guide you on dosage. I’ve heard great things about Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C from one of my fave blogs, The Skinny Confidential, but have yet to try it personally. I am all about adding more vitamins or more whole foods to my diet, if I feel I can implement them all, and I always, always feel so much better physically, mentally and emotionally when I do. Vitamin c is just the start.

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