Valentine’s Day is coming up this Wednesday. While some people may make a big deal of the holiday, I prefer to keep things pretty low key. However, I still love the idea of celebrating the love you have with a significant other, your friends or family on this day because it’s always a good idea to be grateful for the good in your life.

Danny and I decided to celebrate the holiday early by going to Leavenworth this past weekend (hotel review to come!). But if he were to be in town this week, these are the five things I’d love to do. If you’re looking for some ideas, this list might help you out.

  1. Make dinner at home. Although it’s fun to go out to dinner too, if your lives move at record speed, it can be good to slow things down by making dinner together and enjoying it in your own space.
  2. See a movie. Or watch when at home! I love love, so I love watching cheesy, romantic movies that make me oh-so happy.
  3. Have a craft night. Do you guys remember going to pottery/ceramic stores to paint mugs, bowls etc. when you were little? I sure do, and I miss it!
  4. Exercise together. This is something I’m really looking forward to doing with my boyfriend. I’ve been starting to work out more recently and Danny is a workout fiend, so I think this would be a great thing for us to do together on occasion. I’ll drag him to Pure Barre one of these days.
  5. Do nothing. Just be together. That’s what this whole holiday is about right? Just enjoying each other’s company.

Happy celebrating!

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