With my trip to Italy coming up soon, I thought it would be fun to do a wish list based on travel destinations I’m dying to go to. And not just that, but the actual hotels I dream of staying at. These places are definitely on my wish list and I hope to make it to all of them one day.

  1. Burgenstock Resort, Switzerland. This place is my absolute number one. The Burgenstock Resort is currently under renovations and what they have planned for the future is spectacular. I am so in love with views of snow-capped mountains and the beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows. Fun fact: Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn spent a lot of time here back in their day!

2. Amanzoe, Greece. The Aman hotels are beyond stunning. Every single one of them. Greece is high up on my list of places to go and I think this hotel is so gorgeous. The architecture, the view, the decor, everything is beautiful here.

3. Palais Aziza & Spa, Marrakech, Morocco. I’ve been seeing pictures of Morocco all over social media. It seems like this has become a major travel spot as of late, especially for Hollywood’s “it” girls because it has been their pictures that have made me so interested in traveling here. The colors of everything and the serenity of it all are so appealing, and this hotel is no exception.

4. Trisara Villas & Residences, Phuket, Thailand. I’m really hoping to travel to Southeast Asia sometime soon (fingers crossed) and Phuket is definitely a place I don’t want to miss. The beaches, the sand, the water and the architecture are beyond gorgeous, and this hotel is just fantastic.

5. Lebombo Lodge Kruger National Park, South Africa. Africa is a new destination on my list. I never had really put much thought into traveling to Africa before my boyfriend told me how much he loved it there during recent travels and when he was a child. Now, I dream of being immersed into the nature of wildlife, being able to soak it all up while still staying in an amazing hotel.

If anyone has been to any of these hotels or destinations before, please let me know what you thought. Let me know your wish list hotels too! XO

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