Since starting school in November, I’ve been exposed to a lot of new products and beauty tools that have gotten me so excited. Anytime I can find something new that delivers results, I’m a happy girl. One tool I’ve recently been using in school is an ultrasonic infusion machine.

The beauty of this innovation is that it helps other products to penetrate deeper into the skin, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid etc. This is especially great for someone with dry skin (me) who can’t seem to get as much hydration and moisture into my skin as I’d like. Ultrasonic infusion is included in a few different services we offer, and I have to say I’ve definitely seen my skin become more plump, supple and hydrated immediately after use.

Ultrasonic infusion encourages better product absorption and better penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

We have relatively high-grade machines at school, but there is an at-home device you can use to achieve similar results called the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser. For someone with dehydrated skin (like myself), this kind of a beauty tool can be pretty life-changing. Now if only I could remember to use it every day!

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