A week ago, my family and I ventured down to Mexico to attend the wedding of our dear family friend. The wedding was at Hotel San Cristobal in Todos Santos, Mexico, which was about an hour from Cabo. I’d never heard of Todos Santos before this trip, but the town was recently featured in Vogue and the hotel we stayed at won the “Best Beach Hotel” award from Jetsetter this year, so I was certainly looking forward to it.

The hotel was pretty expensive, but worth the experience we had there. The 32-room property was gorgeous and quaint, situated right on the beach with a pool and two hot tubs. The bride and groom had brought dozens of pool toys for all the guests, which was perfect for lounging in the sun without getting too hot. We spent our days by the pool ordering delicious drinks and fantastic guacamole, salsa and chips. And our nights were spent drinking and dancing in celebration, along with room service at night. Oops!

The food there was absolutely phenomenal. It wasn’t necessarily authentic Mexican food, but it was modern, gourmet and beyond flavorful. They even had this house-made “salsa” that was oil-based and so flavorful on eggs in the morning; it was to die for, so we had to bring some back.

The weather at this time of year was perfect. Not too hot during the day and not too chilly at night. We only went into town to head to a bar for the Super Bowl, but if I had more time there, I’d love to have ventured through the town, rather than spending the entire time at the hotel. Since I was only there for three full days, relaxation at the resort was just what the doctor ordered.


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