I’ve been binge watching a few tv shows lately and although it might be considered a waste of time, I am LOVING it. Sometimes it’s just so fun to get lost in the plot of a show for a few hours, so I wanted to share which shows have been keeping my attention as of late.

  1. Riverdale. I tried starting this a few months back, got halfway through the first episode and gave up. I didn’t think it was for me. But then I tried watching again one night on our trip to Europe and I loved it! Sometimes, you just have to be in the right mindset. This show is based on the Archie comics, which I never read, but the show is a combination of teenage drama and a murder mystery. It has an air of Twilight to it, so I was bound to love it.
  2. Hart of Dixie. This is an old show that I never watched, but I just love Rachel Bilson. The story isn’t complex here, in fact it’s very predictable, but Rachel Bilson is so adorable, I couldn’t resist. I have a fascination with the south too, so the fact that this show takes place in Alabama doesn’t hurt. Bilson’s character is a doctor from New York who inherits a practice in Bluebell, Alabama, and moves there to start anew.
  3. Younger. My friend recently suggested this show, so funny enough I started watching it with my dad. The show is about a 40-year-old woman pretending to be 26 in order to start up her career again after taking over a decade off to raise her daughter. It’s very lighthearted and the cast includes Hilary Duff, who reminds me of childhood. I love seeing her back on tv again!
  4. Sinner. This show just premiered last week, but I can already tell how good it is. The main character is played by Jessica Biel and the first episode (I’m not giving anything away if you saw previews for this show) is based around Biel killing someone, while the rest of the episodes feature detectives trying to uncover why this suburban mom without a history of violence would commit such a heinous act. The first episode has me hooked.
  5. Ozark. This is another recent addition. I really enjoy Jason Bateman and the vibe of this show from the beginning. Bateman’s character moves his family from Chicago to a summer resort in the Missouri Ozarks when a money laundering scheme goes awry. Crime, drama and thriller? Yes please.

What shows are you guys binge watching? I’m always interested in finding great new shows!


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