Cravings. To give in or not to give in. Now, I always say a cookie a day keeps the cravings at bay. And I firmly believe that. So, if you want to give in, which I often would recommend or you will likely end up bingeing on wayyyy more than you ever could have intended to with that craving, then give in.

However, if you feel like you’re getting cravings on a far-too-oft basis and this is something where you feel like you’re eating a whole box of cookies a day, then it might be time to reevaluate.

Let me preface by saying that whenever I get a craving, it is a very emotional thing (aka emotional eating) rather than a rational thing (eating something because I actually need it out of hunger or am slightly indulging in order to maintain my sanity). Therefore these cravings are a want more than a need.

Nevertheless, when I get these cravings, in my mind I just think, ‘Nope, there’s no way I can deny this. I need three more brownies. One will not do!’ That’s how it goes down in my mind and I always think there is no amount of time that will change that.

But I’m wrong.

Whenever I do have the willpower to wait, I like to hold off for 20 minutes. A fulllllll 20 minutes. Then reevaluate whether or not I want those three extra brownies. Most of the time, the craving dissipates.

Now, don’t sit there focused on the brownie or focused on counting down the seconds until you can pounce. Really try to shift the focus to something else, and once you notice that those 20 minutes are up, reevaluate.

Maybe you still want something sweet, but maybe just one brownie will do. Maybe instead of a whole pizza, one slice will do.

Try it out. Reeeeeally try it out. Maybe more than once. And see how you feel.

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