Recently I’ve been reading articles about the bounty of benefits of gelatin. I don’t love the way gelatin is obtained, but it really has a lot of health positives. As a vegetarian, I understand that gelatin is not vegetarian, however I am a vegetarian because I straight up do not enjoy meat. I’ve tried to dabble here and there, but it’s just not for me.

Now, like I said, I know gelatin is not in line with the vegetarian lifestyle, but I like to be a little more grey about that area, rather than so strictly black and white, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I will say I am much more inclined to have the gelatin capsules than the gelatin powder to add into drinks or foods. Although I bought powder to start, I ended up buying capsules to pour the powder into, since the powder is very messy and has a bit of taste on its own.

When I didn’t have it in capsules however, I made sure to put it in my cup of coffee or tea before I poured in the hot water, then I used a fork to stir it in briskly to ensure it dissolved completely. You do NOT want chunks of gelatin floating in your morning caffeine fix. And do NOT pour it in after you’ve made your coffee, as it is best to pour the hot water onto it, not the other way around.

Alright, getting to the benefits. Let me just tell you that one tablespoon of this goodness has 9 grams of protein. NINE! Are you joking? That is the eeeeeasiest way to get protein without even thinking about it. Yes please.

It is also an awesome source of collagen and keeps your skin’s elasticity around longer and longer. Given the source of gelatin, it is excellent for your joints and bones, which is great, especially for those with brittle or weak bones.

Gelatin is fantastic for skin health, aids in digestion, protects your joints and can even help you sleep better. The positives are truly endless. All of this from a spoonful-size serving or a couple of capsules? It’s just too easy!


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