Target has such a great range of beauty products right now, some of which are exclusive to Target, and I love how many amazing products you can get there at such an inexpensive cost when compared to most other beauty retailers.

From hair to makeup and skincare, Target has all the beauty necessities I could truly ever need.

  1. Sonia Kashuk Hair Brush $11.18. I’m obsessed with the idea of this hair brush. It looks exactly like a Mason Pearson brush and even has great reviews to back up the idea that it might be even remotely similar.

2. Kristin Ess Strand Strengthening Reconstructive Mask $14. Kristin Ess is a celebrity hairstylist who launched her own line of haircare products at Target so that regular people could attain products that the stars use without shelling out hundreds of dollars. I am eager to try her entire line.

3. Pixi Overnight Glow Serum $24. I love Pixi Beauty and I’m always a sucker for serums, so it sounds like this product is right up my alley. I want the entire line!

4. S.W. Basics Exfoliant $19.99. This brand is new to me, but every time I’ve been at Target recently I can’t help but stroll down the aisle of these products in awe of the creative packaging and product simplicity. This exfoliant is made with organic almond flour, organic oat flour and sea salt. My kind of product.

5. Profusion Cosmetics Deluxe Pro Brush Vault $19.99. Finally, makeup brushes. These types of brushes can cost hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for luxury versions, but I love that Target offers something similar so I can give these brushes a try without the commitment of a crazy cost.

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