2018 Wish List

This week's wish list isn't about material things, but rather about things I want to accomplish this year. These aren't New Year's resolutions, but more so things I want and need to do this year. With the new year in full swing, I want to switch up my wish list content here and there...but starting [...]

Packing for Italy!

On Sunday, I'm heading to Italy for a two-week vacation, followed by a few days in Amsterdam and I could not be more thrilled. Italy has always been the place I've wanted to travel to most, so I'm so very excited to finally make the journey.

Whidbey Getaway

Pretty much from the time we started dating, Danny and I have been going up to his “cabin” on Whidbey Island for mini getaways. I put the word cabin in quotation marks because this is most definitely not a cabin, but a beautiful house instead.