Homemade Marinara Sauce

My boyfriend is the healthiest person I know, which is great because he encourages me to be healthier and I encourage him to indulge every now and then. However, when he indulges, he wants it to be on something that’s really, really worth it. Ya know?
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Acai Bowl

Say it with me: Ahhh-sigh-eeee. Acai! Well, that’s how you supposedly say it. Remember when this was the powerhouse of the year?? When was that…2012? 2013? I remember everyone was verrrrry into acai bowls. I never was. But now I am! Because I realize how simple they are to make at home.
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Homemade Granola Bars

Who doesn’t love granola bars? Not fake, artificial granola bars, but real, nutrient-packed granola bars. They’re so good when done right. And as of late, I’ve been getting really frustrated that there are so many added sugars in things that do. not. need. them. It’s ridiculous!