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Best Pasta Alternatives

I’m a big pasta girl. I’m a vegetarian, but my family likes to call me a carbotarian, since that accurately reflects my diet. I have always loooved pasta, but I know it’s not the best for my health, at least not for how frequently I eat it. So I’ve had to explore alternative options in [...]
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Aloe Vera Is My New Supplement

I recently read up on aloe vera juice as a supplement and was very inspired. I figured, it makes sense that it would be healthy, as it’s a natural super plant, but I never thought to incorporate it into my diet before. Perhaps that’s because I’d always thought of using it to soothe sunburns, rather [...]

Why I Love Walking

I know I need to be more active and I really want to be more fit, but dammit it’s hard! So instead of trying to making a complete 180 on my fitness routine, I take it step by step and try to remember that big things don’t happen overnight, but rather with small tweaks.