Make Your Blowout Laaast

Here’s the semi-nasty truth: I love showering and I love the feeling of having freshly washed hair, buuuuut I don’t often have a clean mane. Not even close. In fact, I’m currently attempting to “train” my hair so I can go even LONGER without washing. Yes, I’m disgusting. No shame.

My Oh Mousse

Mousse. Have you ever used it?? Gosh, I need to stop judging products based on the tragedies I’ve seen when ONE person uses them. Mousse is a prime example.
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Baking Soda Rinse

I happen to be one of those girls who, shall we say, don’t like to wash their hair very often. I actually do enjoy washing it, but I really prefer to do so only about twice a week. I really like to give my hair time to get oily and ensure I’m not stripping it [...]