My mom is a huge SoulCycle fan and has been going regularly since it opened up in Bellevue. In fact, she’s well over 100 classes now! When she finally convinced me to go, it was quite a struggle. I’d heard about SoulCycle and knew that it was going to be really hard, but I got through it!

Slowly but surely, I’ve been going to more and more classes with her and I try to attend one at least once a week. And I’ve now come to love it! This is the kind of exercise that gives me a complete high. I’ve always heard of runner’s high, but am no runner myself so I’ve never had the chance to experience it. Until now.

I absolutely love the feeling I have when I step off that bike and walk out of that class. It’s absolutely amazing. Since I’ve been going to Pure Barre pretty regularly, it’s important that I make sure to get some cardio in as well.

My mom calls SoulCycle her church and I finally understand now. It really is a place where you get out all the negativity in your life: anger, stress, frustrations etc. And you bring in positivity for your future, your life, your hopes and dreams.

What are your favorite workouts?

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