I loooooove watching a good TV show, but it is so hard to catch them all! There are so many great shows out there and not enough time to watch them all. And, to be honest, sometimes I’m guilty of watching trashy reality shows that may be a waste of time, yet I love them. So, here is my wish list of shows that I want to binge watch one of these days.

  1. Mindhunter. I love crime shows and I love that this show gets into the minds of murderers. I’ve heard great things from everyone who’s watched it.

2. The Crown. I’m not into period pieces, but I’ve heard this show is worth it. My mom is a huge fan and seems to think I’ll love it. This is about Queen Elizabeth II along with political rivalries and romances from back in the day.

3. Frontier. This is about the North American fur trade from the 1700s, another show that my parents love. Besides, Jason Momoa is the lead of this series, so what’s not to love?!

4. Breaking Bad. This show is by no means new, but it has been praised by so many people. Everyone I know who’s watched it absolutely loved it, so it’s time I get into it too.

5. Queen of the South. I haven’t heard a thing about this show, but it looks like equal parts beautiful, dramatic and riddled with crime, so it’s right up my alley.

What shows are you guys loving right now? If you have any good ones, throw them my way and I’ll push them to the top of this list! No sci-fi, please and thank you.

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