Ever since the whole glasses look came into fashion years ago, I’ve been very infatuated. As someone who loves to go out with a bare face, I love how glasses are the perfect accessory to the no-makeup look. However, I’ve been fortunate enough to have perfect vision and have never needed glasses!

So, one time in college, I decided to buy a pair anyway. Non-prescription lenses, of course, but super cute tortoise frames that were a little oversized and so chic. I started wearing them when I was alone, but I felt like such an imposter. Not to mention the fact that I would only wear these when I was… alone….Why, you ask? Because I was embarrassed to wear them around anyone that I knew, since they would have called me out immediately! Everyone in my life knew I didn’t need glasses or contact lenses and would have said something right away.

Now, I’ve grown up a lot in the past few years and am much more comfortable with myself, so I’m not as concerned with the opinion of others as I was at that time. Yet….the glasses thing still gets me. I just can’t do it!

So, recently I was perusing the Internet and found these absolutely adorable oversized, slightly round tortoise frames and fell in love instantly, but what I saw next sealed the deal. These weren’t just any old pair of glasses, these were screen glasses! I was thrilled!

I’d heard about screen glasses from my boyfriend before, but the pair he showed me were not….attractive my style. These, however, were very much my style. So, what’s great about these glasses is that they actually serve a purpose other than just being a fashionable accessory for me. More and more information is coming out about how bad it is for our eyes to stare at screens all day, so these glasses use a specific glass in the frames to filter out 40% of blue light, thus protecting our precious eyes from the light on our phones and computers. Magnificent!

I got my pair from the Museum of Modern Art store and you can easily find them online in different shapes and frame colors, but they’re by See Concept, which is a French brand (ooh la la!), so definitely check them out.

If you’re one of those girls, like me, who loves the way glasses look on, but doesn’t have a real need for them, well now you do! This is just as good a reason as any. And I’ve been so happy with this pair. I actually bought the other shape offered on MOMA’s store first, but they were too bold for my face, so I exchanged them for this more delicate style and have been so happy. To be honest, I’m wearing them as I write this post, and I’m loving every second. Hope you guys like!


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