Hello all! Picking up where I left off, we had just gotten to Roma! What a beautiful place filled with so much history. We unfortunately did not visit the Sistine Chapel, which I would have loved to see, but we did experience some of the other great historical sites in Roma.

Our first day there was very relaxed, whereas our second day was spent exploring. We started out with a healthy and delicious breakfast at this cute place called Ginger. We continued our second day with a tour of the Colosseum. It was so cool to see the Colosseum and to hear all the history behind it. I have actually never seen the movie Gladiator and our guide said that was for the best, given how “inaccurate the movie is,” according to him. It’s crazy that the events that went on at the Colosseum actually took place at one point in time.

Our third day was spent at at the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. I obviously made a wish in the Trevi Fountain, which was such a fun experience. And boy was it crowded, even more so than I could have predicted. After all that exploring, we went to Sofitel Villa Borghese for some rooftop drinks. It was such a beautiful hotel. If I went to Rome again, I would certainly stay there, though we absolutely loved the hotel we were at, which was the Gran Melia Roma. We capped our night off at Roma Sparita for some traditional Cacio e Pepe, which was so, so yummy.

After Roma, we ventured on a long journey to the Amalfi Coast! Finally getting there was such a relief. We stayed at the most darling Airbnb that I would highly recommend to anyone traveling to the city of Amalfi. It was called Casa Emi and it was located right next to the beautiful Hotel Santa Caterina, where we went for dinner one night. It had an amazing lemon garden, which was amazing for lemon water all day, every day. The garden was beautiful and out on the patio, there were two chairs situated with a high-top table that looked out onto the water. It was such a spectacular view. We loved it there. We pretty much just walked around town, ate wherever we saw fit and gorged on gelato. We absolutely fell in love with the Amalfi Coast there.

Finally, we made it to Positano!! This place has definitely been the highlight of our trip. We are so in love with Positano and would definitely come back here for a week straight. This place is absolutely stunning and has some of the best food we have ever had. We stayed at the Hotel Villa Franca, which is beyond gorgeous and has the most amazing views from the rooftop and from our room. And the food is to die for. In fact, on our last night, we decided to eat at the hotel restaurant, that’s how good it was.

We’ve been to some phenomenal restaurants here, specifically Da Vincenzo and La Tagliata. At La Tagliata, the restaurant staff comes to your hotel to pick you and other restaurant goers up in a shuttle bus to drive you up to the top of Positano to this farm-to-table restaurant. There is no menu and they just serve you family style, while you look out to the beautiful views and enjoy their band, who comes out to play for you while you eat. They make it a very immersive experience and it’s not too costly at all! It was 100% worth it. Definitely a must-do activity in Positano if you visit.

To wrap things up, we rented a boat and went out on the sea by ourselves for two hours, thanks to the recommendation from a friend who was staying there at the same time and we absolutely loved it. We drove around to look at the yachts and caves and see Positano from a different view. We spent our last night at Le Sirenuse and Franco’s for drinks, which both have the best views of Positano, followed up by dinner at the hotel restaurant. What a spectacular, spectacular trip we had sightseeing, relaxing and gorging on the best Italian food the world has to offer. I’m already looking forward to my next trip back here to this wonderful country. Until next time!

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  1. Valentina
    Valentina says:

    I finally had some time to read this!
    Everything looks so cute, love “Casa Emi” Emi is my mum’s name <3 Happy you guys enjoyed my country!! Makes me so happy.


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