Every blog in the world posts about Clare V bags (not really, but it seems like it). And I think they’re gorgeous as well! I just think they’re a tad pricey for my thiiiiin wallet. I would gladly scoop them up if I could! That is…until I discovered Primecut.

I was at a darling little shop in Victoria B.C. when I found all these beautiful leather handbags with different furs and prints. Absolutely stunning. Both classic and trendy, which is the perfect combination.

Backpacks, totes, clutches, wallets, hobos, so many different options and all in the neutral color palette of my dreams! They have clutches that are similar to the Clare V ones, and could easily pass as such, but for less than half the cost.

Here are just a few of my favorite pieces from the Primecut line.

1. Salt + Pepper Cowhide Backpack $275.

5. Beige Sheepskin Clutch $150.

This beautiful brand is actually a Portland line, so it’s even closer to home than I would have presumed. This is the perfect thing to turn to for birthday and holiday gifts. I would be soooo happy to receive one of these items. Ideal for any budget!

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