A little over a week ago, Danny and I visited Posthotel in Leavenworth, Washington, which was absolutely stunning. Last summer, an acquaintance of mine had posted a picture of the hotel and I reached out to her to ask where she was, honestly assuming she was somewhere in Europe. I was completely shocked when she told me she was in Leavenworth, which is about a two-hour drive from Seattle.

I haven’t been to Leavenworth since I was 12, aside from attending Oktoberfest there for my friend’s birthday celebration. But the Leavenworth that exists outside of Oktoberfest is so adorable! It’s a darling Bavarian town that would be the ideal setting for a Hallmark movie. I also loved that Christmas lights and decorations were still up everywhere! Christmas is my favorite, so I love the idea of having Christmas exist year-round.

When I looked the hotel up online, I was in awe of the beauty of each of these rooms. Every room has a gorgeous marble bathtub and cozy fireplace, making this the perfect “staycation” for a relaxing weekend escape that doesn’t leave you feeling exhausted, but rather refreshed and relaxed.

What makes this hotel so unique is the experience you will have here. This place is centered around the spa aspect. There is an indoor/outdoor pool, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, cold plunge pools. The works. You could spend all day in this environment or you can go to the real spa area, where you can book services such as facials and massages.

The part I enjoyed the most was the food. Breakfast and lunch are included in your stay, while dinner is something you’ll need to leave the hotel for, as there is no restaurant onsite. The breakfast and lunch are to die for though. We had scrambled eggs with potatoes, oatmeal, chia pudding, lattes etc. for breakfast and homemade soups and salad for lunch with freshly baked bread and pretzel rolls. Dessert is put out at 8 pm for guests as well, and coffee/tea is always available. And for dinner, we went to an Indian restaurant down the street and Visconti’s Italian Restaurant. If anyone is in need of a local getaway, I highly recommend this hotel and can’t wait to return in the near future.

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