In the past, I wrote a post about my favorite podcasts. Some of those still hold true, while others do not. But I wanted to do another post on more podcasts I’ve been loving since that last post. Although I sometimes enjoy informational podcasts, I have to admit that I’m big into podcasts that make me laugh and entertain me overall, as opposed to feeling like I need to learn something from them. To each their own.

  1. Juicy Scoop With Heather Mcdonald. I am OBSESSED with this podcast. Every. Single. Episode. Is. Good. And that’s saying something! There are quite a few podcasts I follow that I’ll skip if I’m not interested in the guest, but Heather makes every interview amazing, and she does the best impressions. She talks about The Bachelor and all the Bravo shows I watch, she interviews women who were once escorts, talks about murder cases and more. She’s so entertaining. In fact, I’m seeing her live podcast and her comedy show in Seattle this weekend!
  2. Fat Mascara & Breaking Beauty. I put these two together since they’re pretty similar. These are both beauty podcasts that discuss my favorite thing of all time, beauty products! They do product reviews and interview founders of some of my all-time favorite companies, which is always very informational.
  3. The Bitch Bible. Jackie Shimmel is hilarious. I love how honest and forthcoming she is, which makes her so likeable. She says what so many people are thinking, and I appreciate her for that. She also talks about a lot of the shows I love to watch and celebrity culture in general, which I hate to love.
  4. The Morning Breath. I know there’s so much controversy around liking this podcast, as it just got cancelled, but I had to mention it! If you don’t know about the controversy, you can look it up, but this podcast was hosted by Claudia Oshry of @girlwithnojob and her sister @jackieoproblems. I don’t support the things they’ve tweeted in the past at all, but up until that information came out, this podcast always made me smile as I drove to school, which I’ll miss.
  5. Reality Life With Kate Casey. This is a new one for me, but she has some pretty great interview guests, which is why I’m a fan. I also love that she interviews more than one person on each podcast, so if I don’t love her first guest, I can just fast-forward to the juicy stuff with whichever guest I do like.

I haven’t gotten into Dirty John or My Favorite Murder yet, but I’ve heard great things. You can probably tell by reading this post that I love pop culture, comedy and a good scandal, so if you have any podcast suggestions, send them my way!

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