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Blackhead Tweezers

For those who are grossed out by extractions, the following post may not be for you. I don't get too graphic and there are no pictures, but reader beware. I am someone who happens to get blackheads primarily on my nose, which kills me because I'm not a fan of them (who would be?). I turn to Biore Pore Strips once every week or two, which I love, love, love.

Weekend in Whistler!

I just got home from an amazing bachelorette weekend in Whistler for my friend Courtney who's getting married this New Year's Eve and we had the most wonderful time. We were there for three nights and two full days and had an absolute blast. I'd been to Whistler several times before, but I was so impressed with our entire itinerary, which made the weekend so fun.
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Self-Tanning Wish List

It's just a reality that a lot, not all, of us look better with a tan. But not at the cost of laying in the sun for hours. And definitely not at the cost of laying in a tanning bed. On rare occasion I'll get a spray tan, but that can be costly if it's a regular habit of people, so instead I turn to self-tanning products that I can use at home and just keep the spray tans for special occasions.

Recent Purchases

There are a few things I've recently purchased that I'm absolutely loving and wearing on repeat. So, as always, I love to share those things with you. Sometimes I buy things and they sit and sit and sit. I guess that's how I can tell they're not going to be worn often. But the following items are getting lots of use.

Book Club: Books I'm Starting Soon

I started reading a book last week and am just not loving it, so I honestly don't know if I'll finish it, in which case there will be no review! So instead, I thought I'd provide a brief list of books I've recently purchased that I plan on starting soon! Stay tuned for a review of one of these soon.

Epsom Salt & Arnica Oil Bath

I love taking baths more than doing most anything else. It is the BEST way to relax, unwind, recharge, find peace and quiet and just let go of everything the day has held. Light a candle, draw a bath, dim the lights and read a book. That is truly my solution for everything.