Recent Purchases

I always love sharing my favorite recent purchases with you guys, so here are a few items I'm especially pleased with right now.

My Current Christmas Wish List

This week's wish list is my personal Christmas list. There are other things on it, of course, but these are some pieces I'm loving right now.

Skin Tip of the Week: Moisturize

This seems obvious, and I'm sure most of us do moisturize. BUT did you know that the majority of the population has dehydrated skin? I didn't, but now I do! Practically all of us. And that doesn't necessarily mean that you're not drinking enough water, though if you're not, that really and truly messes with your skin too. More than you know, or at least way more than I knew.

Book Club: It's Not Okay

Well...I got sucked in by a book. You know these are some of my favorite reads because they're easy. So, before any further ado, I read Andi Dorfman's book recounting her experience on The Bachelor and subsequently on The Bachelorette, It's Not Okay. I've never read a Bachelor book before, but I recently heard Andi on a podcast and remembered how much I loved watching her as The Bachelorette.
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What I'm Loving: Tan Luxe

Have any of you heard of Tan Luxe? I had seen this brand on Sephora's website and was always interested in trying their Sleep Oil. So, on Black Friday, when I saw that they were having amazing deals, I took the plunge! However, I didn't buy their "Sleep Oil," I bought their "The Face" oil instead.

Gift Guide for Him

Guys can be hard to buy gifts for. Maybe it's because I'm a girl, but maybe it's because they're actually pickier than girls when it comes to receiving gifts? Who knows the real answer, but I always find that I have a hard time shopping for men. On one hand, my brother doesn't want anything that he doesn't need, which makes him very hard to shop for.