I am finally back from a much-needed break. I took a break from school and from the blog, which felt pretty refreshing. I watched Christmas movies, celebrated with friends and family, flew to Palm Springs with Danny for a few days and returned for a New Year’s Eve wedding to remember. And now, it’s 2018 and I’m diving right back into things.

This New Year’s Eve was spent with my best friends at one of our best friend’s weddings! It was such a magical night filled with love, laughter and the celebration of a new year. My friend Courtney married Matt, her love of eight years, in a gorgeous ceremony at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Seattle. If you want to know a perfect way to spend New Year’s Eve, a wedding literally takes the cake.

Not only do you dress up in your finest, but you get to spend the evening with your loved ones in a beautiful setting with dinner, drinks and dancing. Two of my friends and I got a room at the hotel, which made the night that much more carefree and convenient. There was an endless stream of champagne and confetti and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Hope you all had a very happy New Year’s celebration!


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