Okay, so I’m sure this is absolutely NOT the way to make your concealer last, but I like how it works for me and wanted to share.

I feel like we all probably learned that you put on your foundation, you put on your concealer and then you put powder on top to make it stay. And this does work great! However, I don’t like that many steps nor do I like that much makeup for a day-to-day basis, especially when it comes to powder.

Instead, I generally go for this awesome shimmer cream that kind of subs as my tinted moisturizer, which…subs for my foundation. I really don’t like foundation very much. And even tinted moisturizer can be too much for me for everyday use so I just like a cream that makes my skin glow.

Anyways, after I put that on, I gennnnnerally put some concealer under my eyes just so I don’t look tired. But then it creases and, well…makeup problems.

I also am a moisturizer freak so I HATE when my skin feels dry. I’m constantly spraying hydrating facial mists and applying creams and Vaseline etc. Yes, to my face.

So sometimes, I’ll actually take some of my moisturizer, eye cream or even some Egyptian Magic and actually dab it on over the concealer, BUT only once it’s dried and only if I’m NOT planning on applying powder to my face, but just going for that dewy glow look instead.

Now remember, dab/blot, do not rub. Rubbing will cause your makeup to be removed. Dabbing, for me, just moisturizes it and prevents the creasing. Again, ONLY after that makeup has dried and I like to do it with the Beauty Blender, instead of with my fingers or a brush.

If you find that your concealer is lifting, this may not be the key for you OR maybe it’s your concealer. I use MAC Pro Longwear in NW 20, which works wonders for me and I’m also a fan of Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard as of late.

Give it a try!


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