We’ve been hearing about microneedling for a couple years now, but I’ve recently realized that there is actually a difference between microneedling and dermarolling (which many of us are likely familiar with via Amazon search).

For a couple years now, I have been dermarolling myself. Now, I’ve read the cons of dermarolling at home because of the lack of sterilization and breeding/spreading of bacteria that is likely occurring. But only recently did I learn that the negatives of dermarolling go beyond bacteria. In fact, dermarolling and microneedling aren’t even the same thing. Microneedling involves a pen-like device with little needles on it that are essentially used to stamp the skin and poke very tiny little holes into the skin. Dermarolling uses a device that rolls over the skin in all different angles. As a results, we end up with little holes in the skin coming at multiple angles and resulting in different depth holes, making the collagen regeneration anything but uniform.

The purpose of nanoneedling and microneedling is to encourage collagen regeneration, resulting in plumper, younger looking skin. Now that I’ve learned nanoneedling in school (which is like microneedling but with much smaller needles), I’m hooked! My skin has never looked better than it did after my first nanoneedling treatment. And that’s saying something, considering I’ve been using much longer needles at home with my dermaroller in an attempt to get similar results. However, the really big differences will come from microneedling, which I’ll be learning this summer in my master’s program. Soon, I’ll be able to microneedle all of you!

If you’ve received a microneedling treatment, please tell me about it in the comments! I’m eager to hear about people’s thoughts on the service and the results they had.


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