For this week’s wish list, I thought it would be fun to talk swimwear. With summer fast approaching, I can’t seem to get my mind off cute (expensive) suits. I’ve been doing my best to find less expensive versions of the pieces I love, but there are some amazing swimsuits out there that cheaper versions just can’t hold a candle to. Here are the five bathing suits I’m craving this week and all summer long.

  1. Marysia Palm Springs Swimsuit $350. Marysia is such a popular brand right now in the swimwear world with every blogger and “it” girl wearing these suits in their latest instas. I swear these suits are making an appearance all around the world right now and I love it.
  2. Solid & Striped Vertical One-Piece $168. I am obsessed with all the beautiful one-pieces from Solid & Striped. I particularly love the simplicity of the silhouette on this one along with the beautiful almost retro-inspired color palette.
  3. Kore Swim Nyx Maillot $238. I fell in love with this suit the second I saw it and fall in love a little more every time I look at it again. It’s so chic and classic and I just adore the neutral colors. Perfection.
  4. Kiini Wren Bikini Top $165. The bold stitching and the beautiful color combos are what really make these bikinis pop. The intricate stitching is so lively and vibrant; it delivers a quality bikini that is flattering as could be.
  5. Norma Kamali Marissa One-Piece $175. Finally, another one-piece rounds out this wish list. I just love the thin striping on this piece with the high cut and the low back.

Ughh, I wish I could buy these all! What swimsuits are you guys lusting after?


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