This week my family and I are mourning the loss of our sweet angel baby, Gauge. We had Gauge for nearly 12 years and he was the love of all of our lives. Gauge was who we turned to when we were happy, sad, mad, frustrated. Any emotion we felt was made better by Gauge. He had the sweetest puppy dog eyes that made you love him even more than you thought possible with just one look, and we loved him hard. I always said I loved Gauge more than I love most humans in this world.

He never pulled away from me when I went to hug and hold him and I spent many evenings laying by his side on his huge dog bed since he and I were the same size. He was known as the gentle giant and we often called him Eeyore because of how docile he was. He was the sweetest, gentlest dog I’ve ever known. He was often afraid of little dogs and would cower at the sight of them, which you would assume would be the exact opposite. He never knew his size or his strength, but everyone who loved him was well aware. His strength wasn’t just physical; he served as a support system for all of us and never let us know he was in pain, even  up until the very end.

We’ll take his love, his strength and his positive, stable and calm energy with us as we go forth in life. He will never ever be forgotten and will never be replaced.

I’ll resume posting next week. Thank you.

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  1. itisdlux
    itisdlux says:

    Thanks for the heartfelt post J. I love how you’ll be honoring Gauge by practicing his strengths in your own life moving forward 🙂 love to all of the Baers


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