My grandma is 91 years old (almost 92) and she looks like a cool 75-year-old. Now…she drank, smoked, ate lots of white bread etc. and still looks like a gem. How, you ask? Well most likely a lot of this has to do with genetics, buuuut she does have one big beauty tip. And she was wayyyyyyy ahead of the curve on this one.

Silk pillowcases.

Now she didn’t do this to prevent wrinkles, she did it to prevent kinks in her hairdo. But you see the theory there? The silk prevents your hair from getting matted, tangled, losing its beautiful form. So…the same idea goes for skin! Which is why you see or hear about so many people using silk pillowcases to prevent wrinkles these days.

So, I kindly asked for these beauties for Christmas a couple years ago and have been sleeping on them ever since. I’m unsure of which exact brand of pillowcases I was gifted, but these are a great inexpensive option. However, if you want the best ones, go for Slip silk pillowcases, which are amazing albeit a bit pricier. The only problem is that I slather my face in lotions and potions before bed so my face seems to stick to my pillow even more than usual. But hey…semantics.

Bonus: it also serves Grandma Lee’s original purpose of protecting your hair. These pillowcases ensure that I wake up with the same hair I went to bed with. Honestly. People have asked me how I wake up without crazy bedhead and that’s my secret! So simple and such a great investment.


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  1. Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith says:

    You just reminded me that silk pillowcases have been in my Amazon cart for a month! Off to go actually make the purchase after this glowing testimonial! Sold!

    • Jordan Baer
      Jordan Baer says:

      ????Excited to see what you think! These are definitely ideal for wrinkle prevention, but the hair benefits don’t hurt either!


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