As a self-proclaimed picky eater, I am well aware of the nutrients that my diet is lacking in. So, as a result, I’ve gotten very into taking vitamins. I know I should be incorporating the missing nutrients into my diet in some way (and most of the time I try to find a way to do so), but when it comes to certain things, I just can’t do it! So vitamins will have to suffice.

I’ve actually noticed a significant difference in my skin sensitivities since taking vitamins. Whether or not that is attributed to this daily habit of mine, I guess I don’t really know, but I do know the benefits of vitamins and if I’m making up additional benefits, so be it. I know I’m only doing the body good, rather than bad. So bring them on!

Multivitamin: This one is the primary pill I pop to get those extra nutrients. I like to check the label to ensure I’m getting a multivitamin with the most nutrients, like iron, which is one I rarely get in my diet.

Probiotic: I take at least one of these every day and sometimes up to three, depending on what I’ve eaten that day. These are said to help with digestion and gut regulation.

Magnesium: This has a number of benefits, from being calming to helping with digestion and even aiding your sleep. This is great to pop right before bed, especially if you have trouble sleeping.

Vitamin D: As a born and raised Seattleite, I rarely see the sun. Now that I’m in Puerto Rico half the time…well, I still rarely see the sun, but that’s more because I don’t want wrinkles J But more and more studies are showing how important it is to have a daily dose of vitamin d.

Omega 3s: This stuff is amazing for hair, skin, nails…who doesn’t want more oil in their diet? Ten years ago, that would have been insane to say, and now? It’s actually true. People are slurping down spoonfuls of coconut oil in the morning for added benefits.

Bring on the pill popping!


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