Monoi oil. Ever heard of it? Well you’re definitely going to be hearing a lot of it from here on out. Oils are everywhere. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, oil, oil, oil. Getting back to monoi oil, I came across an article on it a while back as I was preparing to head to Puerto Rico to meet my boyfriend and was (obviously) fearful of Zika. So, I was off in Seattle googling everything under the sun for how to avoid bug bites.

And one article came up that stuck in my mind. Why you ask?

Well, because monoi oil is in a delicious body oil by NARS that is decorated with dry flowers and will cost you approximately $60. Now, the article I read explained how this girl (the writer) had been slathering herself in monoi oil while vacationing, unbeknownst to her that the monoi oil might deter bugs, but then on the one day she didn’t use the monoi oil, and she got looooots of bites.

Now, that’s not saying all that much, but I’m going to be testing it out too.

First thoughts, monoi oil smells delicious. Like an island floral scent. So, no need for perfume.

Second, it’s very thick (at least the cheaper version that I bought is). In a good way. It takes a good amount to rub into your skin because it is so thick and your skin needs a lot of it, as it doesn’t spread from calf to thigh easily. You’ll need several pumps for that.

Third, if it prevents bug bites tonight, I’m sold. And to find this product for a mere $10 versus the NARS version is the best part, though I bet the Nars one spreads better, smells better and is probably just…better, but I’m not willing to splurge on that for this experiment.

Anyone else use monoi oil? Or have you heard of other natural insect repellants that are just as luxurious as this goodness? I’ll be testing this out in Seattle this summer, but also next time I’m in PR.


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