I want to introduce a new series to you all! This will be occurring the first Monday of every month, so this is called my “Monthly Monday Must-Haves.” To start off May, I thought we’d talk travel, so read on for my travel must-haves.

I am very, very routine with how I do things: my makeup, my showers, my mornings etc. So, it’s no surprise that I’m routine with travel as well. More specifically, travel essentials. There are things that I just WILL NOT leave the house without when heading to the airport. Now, I feel that all of my must-haves are just that…must-haves. So I want you to know all about them as well, as they will largely improve your journey from A to B.

  1. Egyptian Magic. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: magic elixir, cure all, ride-or-die product. This stuff is pure glory. It is called magic for a reason. Now, I highly encourage all travelers to avoid makeup when flying. Yes, you read that right. I’m an eyebrow devotee so before microblading I never traveled without “putting my brows on,” but that is it. If you’re like me in the eyebrow sense, I’ll allow that, but nothing else. It’s so bad for your skin when you fly with makeup on. So don’t do it. Thennnn, when you’re on your way to the airport, use this stuff under your eyes, on your forehead, in your nostrils (to keep them moist; my nostrils always get so dry when I fly) etc. I apply and reapply 20 times in flight and could not go anywhere without this. Must have.
  2. Aquaphor. Another obvious one for me. I don’t even go to the bathroom without this stuff in hand, so clearly the same goes for travel. This is the BEST and keeps my lips hydrated and pillowy soft round the clock.
  3. Neck Pillow. These things are freaking amazing. The fact that some people don’t travel with these is just irresponsible! I fall asleep on planes. Always, always, always. So, I can’t be falling asleep and waking up with a crinked neck because I had to use my shoulder as a pillow. These things will save your neck and the day, especially when you’re in the middle seat.
  4. Silk Eye mask. This one didn’t come along for me until more recently, but it is so crucial to have a silky eye mask when flying to keep all the light out annnnd to avoid small chat with neighbors J How did I miss this for so long?
  5. Facial Mist. There’s nothing like an in-flight hydrating mist. I love rose water because it’s all-natural and incredibly soothing, especially for worriers. Fearful fliers, I’m looking at you! Spray this stuff on your face for an instant dose of relaxation. I’m also a huge fan of Pixi Glow Mist, which has propolis and argan oil, both of which are great for moisturizing.

There you have it! Trust me on these things. Hydrate your face and lips, spritz that skin, slip this mask on and lay back in this comfy neck pillow. It’s just that easy.


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