Here’s the semi-nasty truth: I love showering and I love the feeling of having freshly washed hair, buuuuut I don’t often have a clean mane. Not even close. In fact, I’m currently attempting to “train” my hair so I can go even LONGER without washing. Yes, I’m disgusting. No shame.

I’m honestly rather proud. If I can get my hair to seem or look or feel less dirty on day four (or even five) eventually, I’ll feel accomplished. Are my priorities straight? 😉

Ok, so I used to be able to go a reaaaally long time without washing when I was younger, but as I’ve gotten older, my hair has clearly followed that of my dad’s rather than my mom’s, meaning it gets greasy supa fast. I certainly have NEVER washed my hair every day, but I was definitely on the every-other-day train. Until I realized…even that is too much! And I encourage you to go longer as well. Maybe every other two days? That’s my current routine, trying to get to every other three days though. What a joy!

So, how do you make this work? How can you make your hair not look stringy and wet for more and more time between washes? I’ll tell you!

Day 1: Wash your hair occasionally with clarifying shampoo. No more than once a week. Otherwise, I just use a sulfate-free shampoo. Your hair will look beautiful and clean and bouncy and shiny and voluminous. Ooh la la. It’s day one.

Day 2: Spray dry shampoo into your roots and flip your head upside down to get all up in there to give extra volume and absorb any oils attempting to creep in and then go over it with a blow dryer.

Day 3: More dry shampoo. Be sure to brush it through your hair this time. Also incorporate Texture Takeover to get that body and volume back that is starting to fade. Also, maybe some hairspray if need be. Provides great texture. And somehow makes a blowout last longer? Maybe that’s just me.

Day 4: Okay, so now I’d go heeeeavy on the dry shampoo. This is why I use inexpensive dry shampoo. Can’t be wasting a whole bottle in a single week!

Day 5: You are obviously wearing a ponytail now…right? If not, it’s probably time. Now with all that texture in your hair from Texture Takeover and from dry shampoo, your hair should have a lot of volume and grit, giving you that fun, messy, textured look that all the models have when they wear those sassy high ponies. Also, it’s probably a good idea to put some oil on your ends to make sure they’re not too dried out and brittle. This will add life back into the ends. Maybe even some dry conditioner, which is a new must-have!

Okay, now go wash your hair. Or don’t! Do what feels right. Good luck!


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