The illusive Magic Eraser. Such a gem and ya didn’t even know it! Firstly, we know this is a kitchen-cleaning wonder, but let me tell you…I used to work at a store in college and one day I had to clean the shelves with one of these. I cleaned the whole damn store with ONE Magic Eraser. ONE! This got rid of dust, dirt, black spots, you name it, it will get rid of it.

Basically it’s like Tide To Go, but for home cleaning.

That is, until now…

Magic Erasers work for so much more than just cleaning shelves and whitening counters, my friends.

Ever had a dirty pair of white shoes? Ever let those shoes sit and sit and sit because you were too lazy to bleach them or throw them in the wash or what have you? Well, I know I have. My white low Converse have sat for yeeeears due to my laziness.

But this thing is gold because it gets rid of all the nastiness on the sides of the soles etc. You can get rid of so many scuffs with this, and I am committed to always having one of these on hand.

Let me know what you think!


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