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I’m writing you from Rome, Italy! We just got here and boy has it been an adventure. In the past week, we’ve been to Milan, Genoa, Florence and now Rome. It’s definitely been a whirlwind, so we’re looking forward to being here for three days before heading to the Amalfi Coast. We have been eating like kings and we’re feeling the effects of it. Some days, the sight of pasta makes me ill and the next day, it’s all I want. I wanted to do a little recap of our time thus far, so here goes!

Milan was our first stop. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on who you talk to, Milan was our first stop so it was where we were most jetlagged and didn’t stray far from the hotel so we didn’t really get to see much. We did, however, have some delicious food there, as pictured below.

Then we journeyed to Genoa, which is where Danny’s grandparents are from. We absolutely loved Genoa and we stayed at a beautiful hotel, the Hotel Melia Genova, which was perfect. It’s a coastal town and it is also the birthplace of pesto, so we obviously had to have some of that and it was hands down the best pesto I’ve ever had. The restaurant we went to for this wonder was Zeffirino, which I highly recommend to anyone who visits Genoa. It was such an old-school Italian restaurant and both the service and food were amazing. We also enjoyed some minestrone soup there (the Northern Italian version of course), which was definitely the best Northern minestrone I’ve had to date. I’m not normally a fan of this version of minestrone, but Zeffirino changed that. We also visited the aquarium thanks to a friend’s recommendation, which was a fun experience and it got us down to the water to see some incredible views.

Next up was Florence, where my best friend studied abroad in college. She had such a great experience there, so I knew we would love it too. We stayed at The J&J Historic House Hotel, which reminded us of our stay at The Dreamcatcher in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We went to Gusta Pizza courtesy of my friend’s recommendation, which was mouthwatering. We noticed a very large amount of young Americans here, as this place is certainly a hub for studying abroad from the U.S. Every corner we turned was another darling cafe, another leather goods shop. The night after our pizza consumption, we were in the mood for something healthy and Danny found a great cafe with smoothies, eggs and the like. I had an algae elixir, a strawberry banana smoothie and coffee to reset my body. We did a lot of walking through the streets, but one place we knew we had to go was the Boboli Gardens, which very much reminded me of the gardens at the Palace of Versailles.

That’s it for now! As I mentioned earlier, we just got to Rome today, so I’ll be updating you all on Rome and the Amalfi Coast next week. Eek, I can’t wait!


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