I had the opportunity to meet makeup guru Valentina of @Bilintinamakeup nearly six months ago and we instantly hit it off. You may know of Valentina from her incredibly well done and popular makeup tutorial videos on instagram, but if you don’t, then prepare to remember this moment because she is making a name for herself in the beauty world of instagram and her popularity is only increasing. With a follower count in the hundreds of thousands and millions of views on her tutorials, this Italy-born beauty is taking off, so try to keep up. |||

4. How do you keep your videos fresh and new? A lot of people struggle to create new content in a creative field like this. Where do you find inspiration?
||| When I first met Valentina, I believe her follower count was around 70,000 and now it has more than doubled, so I can’t wait to watch her continue to grow and evolve. She’s already got a lifelong friend and follower in me, as I’ve learned a lot from her tutorials as well. I’m definitely going to let her do my makeup one of these days. I hope you all enjoyed this interview and don’t forget to check out Valentina’s tutorials on instagram at @Bilintinamakeup.

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