Bacne. Joy. What a beautiful topic. To be honest, this is not a topic I love talking about because I often feel embarrassed by it, but the things that embarrass us are often the things we definitely SHOULD talk about because so many other people probably deal with them too. And the less ashamed we are of these “issues,” the more normalcy they’ll gain.

So, back to the back. I started getting some blemishes on my back a few years back and could never figure out how to handle them. So, I would try to kill them with salicylic acid acne washes, since I’d seen a lot of commercials for this magical ingredient and how helpful it was at banishing acne. But it just did not work for me.

A few years later though, I’ve found what does work for me.

Never putting body lotion/cream on my back.

One time I received a “back facial” and the esthetician advised me to stop using my body cream on my back. Which was hugely helpful! The problems went away so quickly!

But then I realized I’d started neglecting my back entirely when it came to moisturizing, which didn’t rub me the right way. So I started slowly introducing coconut oil (just a little bit) and voila! The problems have been kept at bay! So now I can still moisturize my back without causing any bacne. And just for the record, I did use several different moisturizers on my back and they all seemed to cause problems there, so it wasn’t specific to one brand or product.

Now make sure you’re doing everything else right regarding your back before taking any other extreme measures (luckily this one isn’t extreme).

  1. Make sure you’re washing your body AFTER you condition, so you’re not stepping out of the shower with conditioner remnants on your back.
  2. Always change out of workout clothes immediately when you get be home.
  3. Always shower after working out or being in any environment in which you might sweat.

Let me know if this solution works for you too!


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