When I first meet people, they don’t know that I have curly hair because it’s often blown out. I take it as a compliment that people can’t tell because I think I do a pretty decent job of blowing out my hair, as I’ve been doing it for well over 10 years at this point. My mom started straightening my hair for me when I was 10 or 11 and from there, I learned to do a blowout, which I’ve been finessing over the years. My favorite way to do a blowout is with a round brush to create soft “round brush curls” as opposed to stiff “curling iron curls.” That’s not to say you can’t create soft curls with a curling iron, I just prefer the round brush.

However, for those of you that have tried this and failed, it’s most likely not your fault, but rather the fault of the brush you were using instead. There are a lot of round brushes out there that are pretty horrible. But not the iTech round brushes. I stumbled upon these brushes by way of my mom nearly 10 years ago as well and have realized I should never stray because it is just so good (I opt for the 2 3/4-inch version).

It’s a ceramic brush, which is ideal for preventing hair damage and the bristles are a combination of boar and nylon, which is the perfect balance for a smooth yet sturdy curl that will last and last. These bristles glide through my hair and I’m always able to do my whole blowout in about 17 minutes flat, but only when I’m using an amazing brush like this; otherwise it can take 30 minutes or more!

Now, I will say that my hair is very curly and has a lot of texture, so I cannot say with confidence whether or not these will work for someone with straight or really smooth/fine hair, but I do know that it works beautifully on textured curly hair. Let me know what you think if you give these brushes a shot!


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