When Glossier products came out, I loved reading all about them, but wasn’t ready to buy any just yet. Then, I went to visit my best friend in NYC and realized I just haaaad to go to the showroom, which was such a fun experience. I went in thinking I’d give Boy Brow a try, but I came out with a whole lot more than just that, so I wanted to give you guys a review of the products I bought and my thoughts on them!

Boy Brow in Brown $16. I love this stuff. After getting my eyebrows microbladed, I still need a little something extra every now and then (particularly when I’m getting dressed up), which is where this comes into play. It just adds a natural-looking boost to your brows, which I love since I’m not into the heavy makeup look.

Stretch Concealer in Medium $18. This is verrrrry light coverage. I like this for evening out my skin tone in places where I have some discoloration, since it really looks like your skin. It’s certainly not heavy though, so for places like my undereye area, I still need something a bit heavier.

Haloscope in Quartz $22. Love, love, love. I just swipe this in the shape of a “C” from my brow bone to the outside of my eye and then to the top of my cheekbone. This is a nice subtle glow and I love that it’s in stick form.

Cloud Paint in Dusk $18. I went for the deepest color since I already have pretty flushed cheeks, so with this color I just apply it almost in the hollows of my cheeks for a slight contour that’s not overdone.

Milky Jelly Cleanser $18. I love the way this feels when I put it on my skin. It instantly feels hydrating, not stripping. I love the consistency and very much enjoy that it doesn’t foam up, but still leaves my skin feeling clean yet moisturized.

These are the five products that I’ve gotten a lot of use out of and am able to give a full review on. I have a couple more products that I still need to try. Eek! I’d be happy to give a review on those later though! Hope this was helpful for anyone considering Glossier products.


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