Guys can be hard to buy gifts for. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but maybe it’s because they’re actually pickier than girls when it comes to receiving gifts? Who knows the real answer, but I always find that I have a hard time shopping for men. On one hand, my brother doesn’t want anything that he doesn’t need, which makes him very hard to shop for. I always give people Christmas gifts they want and don’t need. And then on the other hand, my boyfriend tries to be nice and wants to like the things I get him, but we’re pretty honest with each other at this point and he’ll tell me when he doesn’t like something. For example, I got him a Clarisonic one year because we’ve gotten into skin care together. But…that never got used and now we don’t even know where it is! So for starters, buy something that’s easy to return/exchange. Here are my picks for the men in your life.

  1. Lululemon Surge Shell $139. This piece is great, especially because it’s on sale! But make sure you know your guy’s size since this is final sale. This is perfect for runs in the winter when they need extra warmth, but don’t want to get overheated. Besides, who doesn’t love Lululemon gear?

2. Leather Dopp Kit $75. I got these dopp kits for my boyfriend and my brother last year, albeit from a different vendor. I went for black leather and had their initials embroidered into it, and they both love them! They’re well made, beautiful and practical.

3. Ugg Ascot Suede Slippers $109.95. I feel like guys don’t often wear slippers, so they end up wearing their shoes around the house or they go barefoot, which can get chilly come winter. I love my Ugg slippers and I think these make great gifts for the men in your life because they’re warm, quality slippers that will last them a long time.

4. Kiehl’s Healthy Skin Essentials Starter Kit $44.20. This is being price matched right now, so get it before it’s gone! I know we just talked about the failed Clarisonic gift, but this makes much more sense to me if you’re trying to get your guy into skin care. It just provides him with the essentials, which makes it easy to use.

5. Bose SoundSport In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones $129.95. These are 10% off right now, which doesn’t happen often! Bose is such a great brand, and these headphones are sure to please. My boyfriend is super active and very into fitness so he already has these and loves them, but these are a great idea for guys!

I hope this gift guide helped! What are you getting for the men in your life? XO!


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  1. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    The toiletry bag is a perfect gift! I got it for my boyfriend last Christmas (per your recommendation) 🙂 and he loved it!


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