A week ago, I had the opportunity of attending a beauty conference put on by FounderMade in New York and had such an amazing, memorable and informative time. I decided to attend the conference with my boyfriend after seeing an instagram post from Charlotte Cho, founder of Soko Glam, informing her followers of this conference, which she would be speaking at. I jumped at the opportunity once I saw the remaining lineup of speakers at this conference. The list included Bobbi Brown, Harry Josh, Dr. Murad, Charlotte Cho and more. You’ll see Charlotte Cho and Bobbi Brown in the photos below.

The conference included a discovery lounge where there were tons of booths set up by established and startups brands, where you could purchase product and learn more about the products and the brands themselves. There were also several panel discussions ranging from the creative aspect of a brand to the financial aspect. I really enjoyed learning more about the creative side and hearing about the financial/investor side of things, which I had little knowledge of prior. This event took place at a beautiful venue in NY called Spring Studios, which you’ll see in the picture below.

One of the key points of the conference was the topic of where beauty is going in the future and the answer seemed pretty clear across the board. Clean beauty is taking the beauty world by storm and it will only continue to do so. Now that our society has made large strides to be conscious of what we are putting in our body, we’re slowly making the jump to being conscious of what we’re putting on our bodies as well. Along with that is product customization for each customer. Products that are tailored to the needs of individuals are becoming more and more appealing.

If anyone is interested in attending a FounderMade conference in the future, I highly suggest it and I’d be happy to answer any questions! Below is the outfit I wore to the conference. The top/dress is by House of Harlowe and my jeans and flats are from Zara.


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