Foam rolling.

Ya know…I’ve always been trying to find some quick fix that would just eliminate my cellulite, get the blood flowing and help my bod look better without me having to do much. But, as we all know quite well, quick fixes don’t exist.

Well, until now.

My boyfriend “rolls out” after a long workout. It’s like getting a massage for him, which he likes to do every week since he works his body out so hard. I like to get massages often as well, but not exactly for that reason. I just think massage is so great to stimulate your body and move things around. No need to feel all kinked!

But then I tried this little doodad. The one he uses has these nodules on it that stick out, but the smooth ones are great for beginners. Foam rolling is paaaainful. I had no idea. And those nodules? Whew! They make it even more painful. But it’s one of those good pains. You can feel all the good you’re doing. But unlike working out, you don’t get exhausted while doing so.

This is a serious cellulite treatment right here. Obviously if you combine this with regular exercise, a healthy diet and lots of H2O intake, you’ll be on the right path. But even if you’re like me (I have a fairly healthy diet, I drink lots of H2O and I am semi-active, but I don’t necessarily work out that often), then foam rolling will still help!

This is really helpful for releasing your IT band, it moves things around (much like massage) to help break down the appearance of cellulite and it really helps stretch out those parts of your body that you might not even realize are tight.

I’m a serious new convert. Please give this a try if you haven’t already. And they’re so cheap! No large investment needed.

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  1. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    I always tell myself I will foam roll more, but it’s so hard to motivate myself for some reason! You’ve inspired me to try a bit harder. 🙂


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