I always have a beauty wish list on my mind, and it changes all the time. There are so many amazing products out there at all times, so it’s hard to keep track of which ones I’m really craving. This wish list is a way for me to share those products with you guys and organize the products that I’m really looking forward to trying one day.

  1. Fresh Sake Bath $82. I’m dying to try this out in the bath, since we’re generally not as great at taking care of the skin on our bodies as we are at taking care of the skin on our faces. Sake is said to be fantastic at preventing age from taking its toll on the skin, so sign me up.

2. CO2Lift by Lumisque Starter Pack $95. @Jesssouthern (aka Jessie James’ makeup artist) swears by this mask and her skin is always dewy and glowing. This mask is super hydrating and forms a rubbery mask that you can peel off your face once it sets.

3. Kora Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer $28. Miranda Kerr’s skincare/makeup line is so dreamy to me and since I’m obsessed with highlighters, this luminizer is right up my alley. It is made with rose quartz crystal extract, noni extract and coconut oil.

4. Glossier Solution $24. I really need to get on this one and try this product out. I love all things Glossier, and am so excited that they have a chemical exfoliant now, since chemical exfoliants are my absolute fave. This one is formulated with AHAs and BHAs for a deep yet gentle exfoliation.

5. Goop by Juice Beauty Discovery Set $125. This is such a fantastic way to try out the Goop beauty products without going all in, since these products are fairly expensive on their own. This set allows you to try out four of their smaller products for the price of one full-size product.

Seeing this list makes me so excited! I seriously love beauty products wayyyy too much.


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