Eye patches are very popular right now and I’ve fallen victim to their allure. I first tried eye patches at a friend’s wedding about a year and a half ago. It was the night before and a friend, who is a freelance stylist for the beautiful stars, was like, “Guys, you have to try these. Put them on and just sleep with them.” So we did. And we woke up with super hydrated under eyes! Easy as pie! Fast forward to now and I can’t even tell you how often I use these. I’m obsessed. And I’m not necessarily married to any particular one. In fact, I rotate between quite a few.

I use these collagen eye patches that I originally learned of via The Skinny Confidential, which is a blog I absolutely love! These ones feature a thin felt-like material soaked in a collagen solution. I’m wearing this pair in the picture above. I especially love the small price tag.

After the collagen patches, I started using these beautiful jelly-textured gold patches that feel so refreshing on my face. I’m obsessed with these and there’s always too much solution in the packet so I rub the remainder of this stuff on my face and neck.

Next up are my newly purchased black pearl and gold eye patches, which feel so nice on my eyes, as they are also a jelly-like texture and have an amazing cooling effect. My eyes feel so rejuvenated and any swelling seems to subside. These ones aren’t pricey either, which makes the frequency in which I use them acceptable.

Finally, I’ve just gotten two additional eye patches that are a bit more upscale. Klorane patches, which are actually the first ones I ever used and LOVED so I’m excited to be using those again. Annnnnd I just splurged on Skyn Iceland ones that I have yet to try, but I know they’re going to be fantastic. They have such great reviews, I think I’ll try those out tonight. 😉


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    • Jordan Baer
      Jordan Baer says:

      I’m so glad to hear she likes them too! And yes, they are great for reducing dark circles as well 🙂


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