I love taking baths more than doing most anything else. It is the BEST way to relax, unwind, recharge, find peace and quiet and just let go of everything the day has held. Light a candle, draw a bath, dim the lights and read a book. That is truly my solution for everything.

I’ve touted this whole thang before, but I want to introduce you to my new bath routine. Because, as you know, life goes on, routines evolve and new things come about. New products, new ideas, new mantras. And these all help us learn new ways to better ourselves, new ways to relax and even unwind.

For those who’ve had a long, physically grueling day, whether it was a lot of time on your feet or a sweaty yoga session or perhaps a big freaking workout that worked your muscles to fatigue, there’s a certain bath recipe to solve your woes.

As someone with sensitive skin, I can’t use many, if any, products in the bath. So, when your muscles are tired and your body is aching, I have a sensitive-skin bath soak recipe for you.

Epsom salts, obviously, but then the key ingredient is arnica oil. Arnica oil is gold. Anyone who’s had surgery recently knows the benefits of this wonder, whether it’s wisdom teeth removal, back surgery or a number of other operations. It is known to help prevent and reduce inflammation, bruising and pain.

Surprisingly it also has some other benefits, including serving as an aid for arthritis and promoting hair growth.

So, adding a few drops of this in a bath is a fantastic idea. It will really help relieve the pain and fatigue that your muscles, joints and body overall may be experiencing. Give it a try in your next bath, then you can also mix in whatever other essential oils you like such as lavender, rose petal or peppermint. Ahhhhh.


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