I often tout coconut oil as a cure-all, which it is, and I love to use it on its own as a hair mask by drenching my hair from mid-shaft down to the ends in this stuff.

But on a recent trip to my boyfriend’s cabin, we realized we had no coconut oil. Not a big deal, there’s a store five minutes away. Buuuut we had just gone to the store, and I didn’t feel the need to drag us back for that.
So, I realized there are SOOO many other ways to do DIY hair masks. And a lot of these other options are likely more tried and true than the coconut oil one, as coconut oil only recently gained such a popular following.

Enter egg yolks and olive oil. To learn about the benefits of olive oil as a haircare ingredient, check out this article.

I went a little bit Topanga here. But to go full Topanga, I would need avocado and mayonnaise too. Next time.

So I combined two egg yolks with a bit of olive oil, whisked it up and applied it both to my hair and to my boyfriend’s.

We cooked in the sun for a while and probably had it on our hair for about 6 hours before washing it out. And boy did we have lustrous locks.

I wouldn’t say this was any better or worse than the coconut oil version, but for convenience sake, it made sense to do something easier, something I could just peruse the pantry for. And there I had it!

Hair masks are such a must. And when you can use natural ingredients, rather than shelling out $10 or even more for a chemical-laden mask, then I think you should completely go for it. I’m all about nourishing from the inside out and the outside in. What better for our hair than oils and good fats? My point exactly.

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