I recently received a few products c/o Edible Beauty Australia to try out, and I absolutely loved them! In fact, I’m very interested in purchasing the remainder of the line so I can have a chance to try out their serums, lotions, masks, etc. The products I received were the Citrus Rhapsody Toner Mist and Goddess On the Go Beauty Balm, both of which were a hit in my book.

One of my biggest pet peeves with spray-on products is that they can have way too forceful of a spray, which results in a wet face instead of a moist or damp face. This mist delivers the perfect, soft mist that is so refreshing and smells like lemongrass. It is said to hydrate and deliver radiance, which I would say it accomplished. In addition to that, one of my biggest pet peeves with toners is how stripping they can be, especially when you’re covering your face in them. This is not stripping at all and I love the idea of a toner mist so it provides your face with just enough product.

As for the Beauty Balm, this product is right up my alley. I am all for balm-type products that provide the driest areas with hydration. This one is said to be ideal for cuticles, dry patches, lips etc. I like to apply balms like this under my eyes, which is exactly what I did and was so pleased with the results. This left my under-eye area feeling hydrated and nourished without a heavy or greasy residue.

What I love most about Edible Beauty is that their products are actually edible, they are made sans parabens, sulfates, preservatives etc., they’re plant-based and cruelty-free. These characteristics are so important these days as we’ve made a transition into a cleaner beauty world. Last, but not least, this brand has such beautiful and sleek packaging. It looks and feels so high quality, and I would definitely recommend these products to anyone looking to try a new clean beauty skincare line.

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