Dermaplaning. What is it and does it work? It’s face shaving and yes it does.

But there is more to say, I promise!

So, I’ve been hearing about dermaplaning for a while now and have been verrrrry skeptical. Basically, it is taking a very particular small razor and using it to shave your face. It’s been said to not only remove those fine baby hairs that line all of our faces but to actually help improve the look and feel of your skin too by providing a different form of exfoliation! And it’s all done with this eyebrow shaver/shaper thing. I ordered mine on Amazon and it came in a three-pack, which is so cute in pastel hues. Love it. You don’t want to use a typical razor, so go for the Amazon ones or something similar.

So that’s what it is, now does it work?

I was really skeptical about this because I’ve always heard that waxing or shaving or plucking any facial hairs would make them grow back thicker and darker. Which is not ideal. A lot of people I know say that they wax their “mustache,” but I am way too scared. Until now. I went for it with this shaver and I wish I’d done it sooner! Nothing has grown back dark or thick and it looks so much better to not have to deal with any of those little hairs. I just whip out my little tool and the hairs are gone immediamente.

But! Buyer beware. Be freaking caaaareful. I sliced my face open with one of these bad boys because I got reaaaal aggressive. I basically was shaving my nose (likely unnecessary) and cheeks like there was no tomorrow and…one thing led to another and…there was blood. So be gentle. This is a razor after all. Try to learn from my mistakes. Be SURE to use some sort of lubrication here. Dry shaving=no no! You could use a face oil, like rosehip seed for example!



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